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Cafe Door Set: A LLama Learning Cafe

An educational teaching resource from The Simplistic Teacher entitled Cafe Door Set: A LLama Learning Cafe downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

The Cafe Door Set: A Llama Learning Cafe

This unique teaching resource is ideal for educators that aim to bring a dash of fun and creativity in their learning environment. Although primarily designed as door decor, it's versatile enough to effectively transform your classroom door or corner into an engaging study hub. It could also be repurposed as a bulletin board or hallway display due its flexible and editable attributes.

Embellished with images related to llamas, coffee, and cafes in both colour and black-and-white formats, this product helps you share what students are currently studying or will take up soon via appealing graphical representations. Its interactive nature makes it potent tool for providing students with insights into the class curriculum.

Editable resources

One significant aspect of these resources is that they're editable allowing users add content on items like coffee cups,mugs etc. You can choose to use this space for jotting down:

  • Classroom expectations
  • Motivational phrases
  • Names of pupils

You could possibly even use it for informing about forthcoming events - the choices are plentiful with room enough customization!

Variety in Formats

Another key feature comprises letters saved in two formats i.e., PDF & PNG which equips teachers or those homeschooling with ability integrating them easily cutting machines if there exists such need. The core idea driving creation Cafe Door Set was enhancing flexibility catering individual demands teachers while also adding aesthetically classrooms regardless place being public schools at-home educational spaces. Regarding application methods; you might consider using it promoting group interaction among children early during Back-To-School days dividing them smaller groups where may employ these aids coordination skills setting up separate sections. Another conceivable option includes assigning homework further extending opportunities understanding conceptual aspects correlating practical usage beyond textual knowledge giving real-life examples. It's safe to conclude Cafe Door Set works in more ways than one; it's not just decoration but mini-displays exuding inclusivity remaining focused on primary objective - education either indirectly or directly!

What's Included

+ letters in black and white (colored option included too) Totally choose your own colors to match your decor

+ llama scallops for cafe awning (comes in color) I simply alternated my awning with teal and white stripes

+ all cafe/awning/coffee images (comes with color option, but black-line format included so you can color coordinate to your classroom)

+ letters are saved in PDF and PNG format to make easier to use with a cutting machine

+ can be used as a bulletin board or hallway display as well

+ editable PPT. of llama elements you can add text to

What can I add on the coffee cups, mugs, etc…? You can add:

1. Your state/school standards

2. Classroom expectations

3. Motivational sayings

4. Students' names

5. Upcoming events you plan to do with students

6. novel/study units

7. Past units your students have mastered

8. Anything that lets others know what your students are/will be learning or that they're learning a whole llama lot!

Check the PDF to find everything you need. The PNG file contains the letters to use with a cutting machine

**I simply used white/color copy paper to complete this door. The background is vertical shiplap paper. A template is included so you can see how thick I made my shelves, which are simply cut strips from super thin poster board, run vertical and horizontal. You do not need to use a ton of colored ink. The llama scallops do come in color, but all the other elements can be printed onto copy paper or card stock of your choice**

If you're familiar with my other products, please note: These resources are larger in scale and therefore do not include the poster option

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