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Camping Dot Painting - A Fine Motor Art Activity

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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Practice fine motor skills while creating a camping dot art painting with these fine motor q-tip dot painting sheets. This summer themed art activity is a perfect anytime craft for preschoolers and early elementary students to practice hand eye coordination.

The following dot painting pages are included in this set:

backpack, binoculars, camping, compass, fire, forest, hiking (girl and boy), map, marshmallow, smore, tent, trail

Each page is designed with a different camping item for students to practice their fine motor skills and create a fun art picture to display in the classroom or in their home. Students will have fun choosing their colors to make their pictures their own unique masterpieces.

When to Use these Dot Painting Pages

  • Art Center or a Fine Motor Center - Simply place the pages inside the center with paints of various colors and cotton swabs for students to complete.

  • Craft Activity - These dot painting pages also make a great whole class art activity where each student paints at their own desk their chosen dot art picture.

  • Early Finishers - When students finish their work, they can complete this dot painting activity while waiting on their classmates to finish their assignments.

  • Quiet Time Activity - Students who have trouble napping can complete one of these dot painting pages while their classmates nap.

  • Displays - These dot painting pictures can be displayed on classroom bulletin boards, doors, or hallways.

All of these dot painting pages are no prep. They just need to be printed and given to students to decorate. The teacher will simply need to provide paints of various colors and cotton swabs.

An alternative to using cotton swabs and paint is to have students decorate their pictures with dots of colored glue. Older students may want to try creating their pictures this way for a more tactile way to complete this art activity.

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