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Can You Jump Like A Kangaroo? Album of Songs

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About This Product

"Can You Jump Like A Kangaroo? Album of Songs" Overview

This unique album is a fantastic resource designed to inspire creativity and cognitive development in students from preschool to grade 2 level. The album compiles 23 engaging tracks that blend amusement with educational content.

The interactive action songs utilized here encourage learners to rise, dance, sing, and chuckle while adhering to simple directions provided within the songs. The collection varies from classics like “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” and “Baa Baa Black Sheep”, too exclusive tunes such as "If I Only Had a Dog" and "Look At The Monkeys".

Diverse Learning Opportunities with Fun Experiences

  • Song “Ten Little Fish”: aimed at enhancing number recognition.
  • Song "Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes": promotes creative thinking.
  • Song 'The More We Sing Together': fostering camaraderie among students.
    (Remember - these are just examples; every track promises activity coupled with varied learning chances.)

Focused Subject Area & Beyond!

This resource starts on the grounds of Art & Music subject area though it extends its reach through vivid different subjects by means other than direct instruction via classroom teaching!

Packaging Details:
The product comes as a zip file containing mp3 tracks. Note:+ These imaginative musical resources not only aim at allowing children to explore their inventive dancing skills but also assisting them in achieving harmonious growth.
In a nutshell,
The Can You Jump Like A Kangaroo? Album of Songs can prove a remarkable addition to your teaching toolbox, paving ways towards education that are enmeshed with mirth, cheerfulness, and loads of unforgettable singing!

What's Included

1 zip file with 23 songs

Resource Tags

interactive songs action rhymes cognitive development creative thinking holistic learning kangaroo songs

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