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My Jesus, I Love Thee Album of Songs

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About This Product

My Jesus, I Love Thee Album of Songs: An Inspirational Teaching Resource

This resourceful album serves as a meaningful tool for educators, promising to immerse young learners in the timeless beauty of traditional hymns arranged in a contemporary style. Specifically designed for children from Kindergarten through Grade 3, this collection offers an enriched learning environment.

The Collection:

The album features 14 moving songs all accessible within a single zip file. Each song is layered with youthful voices and appealing instrumentation creating easy-to-learn melody lines that toddlers and elementary-level students can embrace effortlessly. Songs included range from the stirring "O Worship The King", to the powerful "Amazing Grace".

Integration Into Curriculum:

This teaching resource dives into the subsubject of Religion under Life Studies—a versatile integration into any multidisciplinary approach towards education whether it's in school or within homeschool settings.

  • In School: Teachers can incorporate these hymns into whole-group learning activities during class hours or use them for personalized instruction during small group sessions.
  • Homeschooling: Parents can introduce this material as part of daily routine—during moments like morning reflection time or bedtime nightcaps fostering familiarity and devotion at a tender age .

Due to its digital format, teachers can easily incorporate pieces from this compelling album into homework assignments too—an interesting challenge could be having students write their thoughts on specific hymn.


'My Jesus I Love Thee Album of Songs' harmonizes music with deep-seated faith-based learning experiences amongst youngsters aged between preschool and Grade 3 levels—an ideal mix empowering 21st-century educators whilst shaping inclusive future global citizens.

What's Included

1 zip file with 14 songs

Resource Tags

hymns religious education music integration spirituality holistic learning

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