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Jesus Is My Valentine Album of Songs

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About This Product

Teaching Resource and What It Offers

The Jesus Is My Valentine Album of Songs is an engaging teaching resource that fosters spiritual growth and creativity among students in the preschool, kindergarten, and first two grade levels. This unique compilation combines faith-based lessons with catchy tunes for a fun learning experience.

Song Collection

  • 18 vibrant songs with biblical undertones
  • An immersive environment for joyful participation in singing
  • Incorporates favorites like 'I Am A C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N,' 'Down In My Heart,' 'Hallelu Hallelu'

Tune into Values

This album is not just about listening to music; it shares the profound message that having Jesus in one's heart symbolizes being a Christian. Interactive songs simultaneously encourage physical expression through actions such as clapping or marching and instill values like love, care, brotherhood and honesty via tracks like 'Love, Love' or 'Oh Be Careful Little Eyes.'

Potential Uses & Accessiblity

The curriculum provides scope for educators to facilitate group activities with these songs serving as background melodies — this could be within school walls or at home for homeschoolers. Even church settings can benefit from this resource well beyond traditional classrooms. Delivered as a downloadable zip file containing audio tracks compatible with various file types ensures easy access across technologies.

In summary, Jesus Is My Valentine Album fosters harmony between art and spirituality catering to young learners' creative needs while nurturing their religious beliefs. It serves not only an effective teaching aid but also provide reinforcement of biblical truth making spirituality accessible to early learners.

What's Included

Zip file with 18 songs

Resource Tags

faith spirituality interactive songs holistic development

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