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Candyland classroom decoration focus wall

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About This Product

This is the classroom decor collection that you have been waiting on! Inspired by candy, the candy land theme has all the pops of colors to appeal to your students with playful fonts and designs to choose from. Fill your classroom walls with bright, colorful decor while giving your classroom that positive cheery look. The best part of using classroom decorating is to let your creative side out and design your very own classroom exactly the way you and your students would like it, this candy-themed decoration allows for you to pick and choose different fonts and looks.

This particular set is a focus wall that is inspired by the candy land theme.


The files are all PDFs. Print and laminate the pages to use in the classroom.

If you would like anything specific to be added please let me know and I’ll be happy to do so when I am able to.


You are free to use and modify the material.

Non-commercial use only

You may not resell the material.

Thanks for your time

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What's Included

This set includes:

Different headings: Different designs to label your focus wall.

Focus wall elements:

Letter of the week

Number of the week

Poem of the week

Reading strategy of the week

Essential question

Story of the week

Problem of the week

Word of the week

Phonics skill of the week

Sight words for the week

Spelling words for the week

Quote of the week

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