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School Bus Design Challenge

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About This Product

School Bus Design Challenge

Engage your students in an innovative learning experience with the School Bus Design Challenge. Ready to use upon delivery, these design challenges require no prep work from educators - making classroom setup a breeze. Simply distribute them amongst your students and watch as they tackle these tasks independently.

Versatility and Adaptability

Suitable for a wide range of learning situations, these challenges can serve multiple purposes in your curriculum. The activities can be:

  • Incorporated into Makerspace or Genius Hour activities
  • Used during independent study time or choice time sessions
  • Implemented in technology or STEAM classes
  • Provided for library-time projects
  • Included in after-school programs and camps.

Catering to non-core subject areas such as design thinking classes makes this resource remarkably versatile. Furthermore, this material provides perfect content for SEL (Social Emotional Learning) session materials.

The Bundle Features

The School Bus Design Challenge bundle offers ready-to-go briefs complete with context scans so that the task scope makes sense to the learners. Alongside are clearly described specifications and constraints adding necessary challenge elements. The package includes:

  1. A material listing required for the task .
  2. Tool suggestions suitable for each challenge that ensure seamless execution of tasks..

A Step-by-Step Guidance Section Ensures Clarity on Task Completion Approach

This also offers ‘Tips’ providing additional information enabling whole group and small group implementations based on comfort levels providing differentiated instruction options. This enhances learner retention while being authentically-linked with real-life scenarios, making it easy to implement even for homeschoolers who follow public school standards.

Generate A Taste for Potential STEM Careers

This unique learning tool encourages deep reasoning about given concepts fostering creativity, crafting innovative solutions, leading towards potential STEM career interest development opportunities.

Inclusive Learning

The teaching resource is ungraded allowing educators freedom & flexibility in customizing per the individual learners’ capabilities. Delve into the world of practical, real-world learning scenarios and encourage students to think, innovate and create. The journey from a novice thinker to an innovative solution craftsman begins here!

What's Included

The design briefs come ready to go with the following sections:

Context - so the challenge makes sense

Design Challenge - what the task is to do

Specifications - the must do’s for this challenge

Constraints - the limitations for this challenge

Materials - needed for the challenge 

Tools - needed for the challenge 

Steps - to complete the challenge

Tips - helpful info for the challenge

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School bus Design challenge STEM Innovation Problem-solving

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