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Chillin' With My Snowmies Google Sites Headers and Buttons

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About This Product

Chillin' With My Snowmies Google Sites Headers and Buttons

This teaching resource is designed to bring a unique winter charm to your digital classroom while keeping students informed on all essential class information. Equipped with snowmen, or 'snowmies', themed headers and buttons, this design package breathes innovative aesthetics into your Google Site for a captivating visual experience.

The true value of the Chillin' With My Snowmies Google Sites Headers and Buttons set lies in its multipurpose implementation options.
  • For whole-group instruction
  • Small group activities
  • Individual homework assignments.

By integrating functional aesthetic components like headers and buttons into learning platforms, educators can enhance the overall user-friendliness of their digital classroom.

Inclusive Components:

We provide three general headers:

  1. "Chillin' with My Snowmies"
  2. "Chillin' Out and Learning"
  3. "Chill Out and Welcome".

This resource offers ample variety fit for any context or subject matter. The set also contains 26 pre-set buttons like 'Parent Info', 'Contact', 'Daily Work', etc which are vital navigational allies catering directly to student needs.


A notable facet of the set is its customization feature available through an editable PowerPoint format. Modify according to distinct styles or specific requirements without figuring out dimensions, adding graphics, or concocting sayings unless you deem it necessary.

Specially Tailor-made Design:

This product takes usage versatility a notch higher because these designs are not mirrored copies from other platforms like Google Classroom/Forms but specifically tailor-made for Google Sites.

The Utility of Chillin' With My Snowmies Headers and Buttons:

This teaching resource introduces warmth into that chilly winter season while optimizing your educational approach by adding creative visuals to miscellaneous school projects serving different grade levels.

Communicating pertinent information to students and parents alike, becomes simpler yet engaging with our digital learning environment. Offering a balanced blend of aesthetics, utility, and adaptability this outlet is designed to be an educator’s trusted ally in times both frosty and warm!

What's Included

This resource is meant to be uploaded into GOOGLE SITES and easy to use to make your life a little simpler. 3 Headers are included to be general for any classroom or subject use, and editable buttons/headers in PowerPoint format are there in case you’d like to add your own text. All the work is done for you-no figuring out dimensions, adding graphics, or coming up with sayings unless you want to.

3 Headers:

Chillin' with My Snowmies

Chillin' Out and Learning

Chill Out and Welcome

26 Buttons:



Log in


Parent Info

School Info


About Me

About Us

Meet the Teacher

Daily Work

Bell Work


Absent Info



Pay for Lunch

Class Dojo




Google Classroom



Back to school


Editable Features:

Use editable PPT to customize your own buttons & headers

These headers are specifically designed for GOOGLE SITES, and NOT GOOGLE CLASSROOM/FORMS. The format and sizing are different.

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