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Chinese New Year: Adapted Book - Google Slides

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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1

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About This Product

Chinese New Year: Adapted Book - Google Slides

This is an engaging resource designed for nurturing the curiosity of students from kindergarten, preschool, up to Grade 1. Through a total of 12 interactive slides,, it skillfully captivates young learners about the vibrant traditions surrounding the Chinese New Year.

  • Culture and Tradition:

    The adapted book provides an intriguing peek into the colorful world of Chinese New Year celebrations. Each slide imparts cultural values and norms that breathe life into these established traditions.

  • Literacy Development:

    The integrated reading comprehension exercises located at the end of each passage allow a natural flow for learning dynamics. The questions help reinforce understanding while sharpening literacy skills.
  • Versatility in Learning Environments:

    The tool's adaptability makes it suitable for both organized group learning activities or individual reading assignments at home or school.
  • Digital and Easy Accessibility:

    Being based on user-friendly Google Slides platform this tool can be easily shared with students regardless if you are teaching remotely or in face-to-face setup.

Aimed to make Learning Interactive yet Interesting!

Cultivate essential literacy skills among young learners through Chinese New Year: Adapted Book - Google Slides! You get to introduce them about global cultures in an interactive way; making education not only informative but also genuinely exciting! Find out more today!

What's Included

A Google Slide Deck

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