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Christmas is for Quiet Moments Album of Song

An educational teaching resource from Twin Sisters Digital Media entitled Christmas is for Quiet Moments Album of Song downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Christmas is for Quiet Moments Album of Song: An Essential Resource for Educators

This amazing resource, a zip file containing 24 instrumental renditions, serves as a vital addition to the toolkit of holiday-focused educators. The product is versatile and not grade specific, perfectly catering to all levels from kindergarten to high school.

The Instrumental Album Details:

  1. Soothing melodies played on various instruments including flute, guitar, saxophone and piano.
  2. Collection features sweet carols and well-known hymns providing timely arrangements sure to resonate with students.
  3. Packed with essence of Christmas season creating immersive atmosphere in any classroom setting.

Possible Uses in Classroom:

  • Background music during holiday crafts or worksheet activities.
  • Calm music for downtime or quiet moments amidst busy holiday chaos in classrooms or homeschooling setup.
  • Relaxing homework music when children are working on special December assignments at home.
  • Festive ambience creator for end-of-year celebrations.

This audio resource fits neatly into general context but also specifically within Holidays-themed curriculum areas focusing on Christmas festivities. It can add charm during family Yuletide gatherings; making this offering indispensable throughout the season's length. Finally, this instrumental album could become an educator’s ‘go-to’ choice echoing hallways with blessed quiet moments embedded in soulful rhythm throughout yuletide times emphasizing that indeed "Christmas is for Quiet Moments".

What's Included

1 zip file with 24 songs

Resource Tags

Christmas music instrumental renditions holiday ambiance classroom atmosphere quiet moments

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