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Christmas Number Sense

An educational teaching resource from Cherry Workshop entitled Christmas Number Sense downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Christmas Number Sense: A Festive Math Activity

The Christmas Number Sense teaching resource is a festive game that integrates mathematics with holiday joy. This worksheet is specifically designed for young students, from early learners to first graders!


In this engaging game format, students roll a die and move along a numbered frame based on their roll. When they land on a number, they're challenged to:

  • Connect the numeral with word recognition
  • Show ten-frame representation of the number

Students then color or trace over these features to reinforce learning through visual and hands-on techniques.

A Flexible Learning Tool

This moderate difficulty activity makes math practice delightful by integrating it into an enjoyable game format. It can be effectively used in:

  1. In-classroom group lessons
  • At-home small group sessions
  • Hectic homework assignments for extra practice outside school hours.
  • School Supplies Required
    The only tools needed are crayons/pencils and dice for each student.
    Your Purchase Includes:
    When you purchase Christmas Number Sense you will receive:
    • A ready-to-print PDF page that requires minimal setup time ahead.
    The joyous yet effective nature of this resource allows children to strengthen crucial counting skills while enjoying what they perceive as another Christmassy activity! With Christmas Number Sense serving as both entertaining tool and fundamental teaching asset– who said educational tools couldn't bring joy?
    Let's grab those dice, some colorful worksheets,–time we rolled towards fun-learning!

    What's Included

    A PDF file with 1 printable page.

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    Christmas Number sense Mathematics Game-based learning Hands-on engagement

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