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Christmas Solving One Step Inequalities | Pixel Art Activity Google Sheets

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Grade 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

Christmas Solving One Step Inequalities | Pixel Art Activity Google Sheets

The Christmas Solving One Step Inequalities is an engaging, no-prep digital activity via Google Sheets that combines festivity and learning. This educational resource offers students interactive mathematical problem-solving experience while fueling their creativity through pixel art.

Specifically crafted for Grade 6-8 learners, this activity immerses them in the study of algebra. It targets one of the most challenging areas in math lessons - one step inequalities. The goal is to equip students with the foundational skills needed to excel in this area.

A Fun Approach to Learning

All set within a fun and festive Christmas theme, the excitement kicks off as soon as students correctly answer questions to reveal a mystery picture. This gamified approach helps make solving one step inequalities less daunting and more enjoyable for learners, promoting enhanced understanding and retention.

Versatile Usage Options

  • Group Instruction: Use during whole group instruction or smaller group discussions.
  • e-Learning Sessions: Integrates seamlessly into e-learning sessions because of its digital nature on Google sheets.
  • Solo Homework Assignments: Serve it out as individual homework assignments also works well due its functionality standpoint.

Besides, trials have shown that it makes for an interesting sub-plan too with Grade 6 kids appreciating it significantly - manifesting its versatility across various classroom settings!

Included Materials :
  • An easily printable PDF file housing both the activity itself along with solutions which act like an answer key when tutors need to verify student answers.
  • In Conclusion,

    If you are a math educator looking to teach difficult concepts like one-step inequalities in an enjoyable fashion, particularly during festive seasons such as Christmas - This Pixel Art Activity via Google Sheets is an original tool for maintaining a creative teaching approach!

    What's Included

    Pdf with:

    The activity


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