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Halloween Solving One Step Equations Pixel Art Activity

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Grade 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Halloween Solving One-Step Equations Pixel Art Activity

The Halloween Solving One-Step Equations Pixel Art Activity is a dynamic, no-preparation-required teaching resource that integrates engagingly your students' algebraic effort. This activity skillfully melds the fun of pixels and the spookiness of Halloween with the seriousness of learning math concepts, specifically one-step equations.

Who is it suitable for?
  • This activity can be incorporated into whole group lessons,
  • Its utility shines in small group work,
  • Alternatively, give it as a homework assignment.

The activity has been put together primarily for students in grades 6 to 8 but can be adapted to other grade levels given their understanding of algebra.

About The Activity and Its Benefits!

This pixel art activity welcomes students to solve twenty exclusive one-step equations that include rational coefficients - a critical component within Algebra curriculum. Each problem showcases fractions and negative numbers demanding strategic thoughts and accurate calculations from each student.

The fascinating part about this resource is its relevance to the curriculum along with its gamified feature.

The Google Sheets based interface gradually unveils a mystery Halloween-themed picture as students correctly answer each equation. This perfect blend of learning with playing keeps kids engaged till the end. As they progress through each problem, their understanding enhances because they receive clear feedback enabling them not just about achievement but also about learning resilience too!

Solutions Provided For Teachers Convenience!
  • Solutions have been provided making evaluation effortless while maintaining instructional effectiveness high.
Digital Integration with Education Patterns

This malleable mixed-method instructional strategy fits in comfortably irrespective of any style of teaching that values digital integration in learning. It fits seamlessly within IB MYP (International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme) curriculums or other educational structures promoting active engagement in Algebra studies. Get to experience how this standout resource infuses life into everyday math problems, making them not only solvable but enjoyable!

What's Included

Two google sheets:

Pixel Art


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Halloween Solving equations Algebraic thinking Pixel art Gamified learning

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