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Christmas Through The Eyes Of A Child

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3, 4



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About This Product


Christmas Through The Eyes Of A Child is an exceptional teaching resource specifically designed for educators to use during the Holidays. This audio-based product truly embodies the enchantment and wonder of Christmas from the perspective of a child, making it both entertaining and educational.

Main Features:

  • A collection of over 50 minutes of beautifully crafted instrumental arrangements of customary carols suitable for students from Kindergarten to Grade 4.
  • A variety spanning twenty songs, ensuring each student can find their favourite tune.
  • Packaged into one easy-to-manage zip file for quick access whenever needed.
The Perfect Classroom tool during the Holidays:

This music-based resource is ideal as background music while setting up a classroom Christmas tree or enhancing art projects with a festive touch. It also works great for engaging small group activities centered around holiday storytelling or theatrical performances.

Educational Benefits:

The Christmas Through The Eyes Of A Child takes a music-centered approach proven time and again to facilitate memory retention besides nurturing emotional wellness – A bonus when pupils are trying hard to learn new concepts in class whilst celebrating special times throughout school year.

In Summary:

This product shrinks down encyclopedic knowledge about familiar carols into engaging thematic units filled with lively tunes-immersed right on teaching playgrounds. An early yuletide treat for educators who value incorporating seasonal celebrations within their instructional design plan!

What's Included

1 zip file with 20 songs

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Christmas Child Music Education Holidays

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