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Classroom Schedule Cards with Clocks in Owl Theme - 100% Editable

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About This Product

Product Description:

Classroom Schedule Cards with Clocks in Owl Theme is a fascinating interactive tool that adds an element of fun to your classroom environment. Adorned with an endearing owl theme, these cards takes time management and organization in classrooms a notch up.

Main Features:

  • A total of 28 pages, each carrying different attributes.
  • 'OUR SCHEDULE' - a dedicated header, spread over one full page.
  • TWENTY-FOUR pages, each carrying several schedule cards.
    • The dimensions of the schedule card: 10 x 2.5
    • Total editable text fields per schedule card: Up to seventy-two
    The product is highly flexible and is fully editable via Microsoft PowerPoint allowing customization as per needs. Be it fitting into specific curriculum requirements or adjusting graphics or text while maintaining design consistency across all cards - this product lets you do it all!

    This highly adaptable resource can mold itself beautifully across various settings such as whole group scenarios, smaller classes post school hours or even homeschooling scenarios through mindful customization addressing different learning dynamics.

    Included File Types & Format Specifics:

    • A Microsoft Power Point file types formatted in letter-size paper - simplicity at its best! Just blend with your existing lesson plans without any hassle. INTEGER LIST: 1; ITEM-1 2; ITEM-2 Wherever learning happens in your space, the Classroom Schedule Cards seamlessly contributes towards orchestrating daily tasks while concurrently keeping up the interest levels of students. A brilliant blend of function and aesthetics, these schedule cards are the perfect pick for those looking to add a touch more creativity while boosting productivity.

      In essence:

      A refreshing reimagining of classroom organization tools—the Classroom Schedule Cards with Clocks in Owl Theme make spaces more learner-friendly and fun. Let’s come together to nurture greater curiosity in education...starting right at your classroom calendar!

What's Included


This products consist of 28 pages which includes

- 1 page – 10” x 6” 'OUR SCHEDULE' Header

- 24 pages – 10” x 2.5” Schedule Cards – with 72 texts editable with Power Points

- 3 pages – 10” x 2.5” blank schedule

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