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Claus-fit Christmas PE Activity

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About This Product

The Claus-fit Christmas PE Activity

This product is a comprehensive tool designed for educators aiming to enhance their physical education curriculum. It functions as a major part of ready-to-go skill-assessment rubrics collection.

Key Features:

  • Detailed skill components and grading system: Facilitates easy interpretation by both teachers and students.
  • Printer-Friendly Format: Allows creation of colorful exercise posters as well as black-and-white copies for individual students.
  • Adaptable to various age groups from elementary to middle school promoting maximum volume of physical activity (MVPA).
  • Fosters high-energy environments, aiding cardiovascular fitness along with catering diverse abilities.

Apart from serving in large group activities like PE classes or summer camps, it also integrates well into recess activities or special events like Field Days at school due its versatile nature. Moreover, the multi-skill games can either be used as a whole unit or mix-matched with current curriculum parts during single class periods. The equipment needed for these games can be easily swapped with available supplies, providing added convenience.

Skill Development:

Description: Varied skills such as catching throwing kicking striking running goal keeping tracking dodging tagging reaction time cardiovascular endurance teamwork sportsmanship hand-eye coordination accuracy & agility are promoted given multiple opportunities offered through the games in this package.

User-friendly Instructions Setup:

Inclusive of diagrams, illustrations and detailed descriptions makes setup effortless thereby making it fun engaging educational simultaneously - transforming curriculum one class at a time!

What's Included

1 PDF with 13 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

interactive locomotor skills assessment physical education curriculum

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