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Close Reading Comprehension 'Sam And Kim’s Week’

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Close Reading Comprehension 'Sam and Kim’s Week'

The Close Reading Comprehension 'Sam and Kim’s Week' is a top-notch educational tool, steeped in the study of the soft **g** phonic sound. Designed with children in Kindergarten up to Grade 2 or 3 in mind, this resource enables teachers to effectively instruct language arts with a chief emphasis on reading comprehension.

A Story-Based Learning Approach

  • This resource spins an intriguing tale about Sam's and Kim's exploits during a week.
  • The immersive storyline serves as an excellent means for students to practice their grasp of the soft g phonetic sound.
  • Using narrative-based learning stimulates children, fostering keen engagement during lessons.

Impactful Comprehension Questions

  • An array of thoughtful reading comprehension questions follows each segment of the story, testing pupils' understanding of what they have read.

The simple act of immediately reviewing content ensures that young learners engage more meaningfully with it. For Kindergarten or early-grade one students requiring extra assistance, adult-guided learning gives them opportunities to articulate answers aloud;

Versatility across different teaching settings

This flexible tool is easily adaptable across various learning environments - from whole group discussions, segmented into small groups or assigned as independent homework tasks too!

Inclusive PDF contents for multiple uses
  1. A comprehensive compilation featuring 46 pages that can be divided across several sessions.

  2. A digital PDF format ensures cross-platform usability whilst enabling damage-free printouts. Even integrates coloring exercises now!

'Sam And Kim’s Week', under the umbrella of the larger ‘Learn To Read With Phonics’ reading program, illustrates how phonics is integral to broad literacy development. It practically applies abstract concepts, making it vivid for students. Enjoy transforming your classrooms into thriving learning spaces with this handy tool!

What's Included

46 pages

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