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Close Reading Comprehension 'The Holiday’

Close Reading Comprehension 'The Holiday’
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Close Reading Comprehension 'The Holiday’

This is a pedagogical resource that empowers educators with an effective tool to enhance the reading skills of students in Kindergarten through Grade 3. This educational material focuses on reinforcing the phonetic sounds "ou" and "ow". Its ultimate aim is creating a strong learning foundation for early language arts students.

The Material

Comprising of 26 pages, this educative aid employs 'The Holiday' story as the primary learning material. Pupils can read and interact with the narrative, immersing themselves in its plot while practicing phonics comprehension simultaneously. It comes with post-reading activities that involve an engaging set of comprehension questions designed to stimulate critical thinking and test understanding.


'The Holiday’ works splendidly for whole-group instruction, it also serves as an equally fruitful resource for small group engagements too. Its structure lends itself well to circulating group stations where individualized or communal discussions on the content can pave way for comprehensive absorption of lessons.

  • For homeschooled children or those requiring additional improvement opportunities, this teaching resource doubles up into a useful home-based assignment as well.
  • Younger learners may initially answer orally first before gaining confidence to write their responses down.
    'The Holiday', exemplifying modern teaching aids, becomes crucial within any Language Arts curriculum keen on formulating decisive reading habits in youngsters. Conveniently offered as a portable PDF file type which ensures accessibility from various digital devices - laptop, tablet, or even smartphone!
    A Perfect Fit For Teachers!
    Teachers will appreciate how effortlessly it integrates into existing lesson plans while providing ample support to foster literacy growth among pupils right from inception stages through Grades 1-3+. As part and parcel of our wider ‘Learn To Read With Phonics’ reading scheme, it reveals its intent: enabling every child's journey towards linguistic proficiency one engaging story at a time!
  • What's Included

    26 pages

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    reading skills phonics comprehension questions small group instruction home-based assignment

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