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Clothespin Name Labels

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About This Product

If you are looking for a cute, quick and easy way to display student work, these Clothespin Name Labels are what you need.

You will edit them directly in PowerPoint. Type students' names, print and cut. You can also laminate the pencils with student's names, but it is not necessary. Alternatively, you can also print on cardstock paper for more durability.

All you need is a set of clothespins to apply the labels to. Double-sided tape or hot glue can be used to attach them on to the clothespins. Then you have a nice way to quickly display and change student work.

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Alternative ways to use: these pencils can also be used for drawing student names out of a jar, they can be used as a fun way to make a pencil boarder around a bulletin board, and even at a writing center.

This can be used for grades ranging from Kindergarten to middle school.

No answer key included as this is not a worksheet.

Tags: #clothespin #writing #elementary #writingdisplayboard #pencil

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