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"Cold War", Online Unit Access, US History

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History: USA


Grade 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Online Unit Access for US History - Cold War

An exceptional teaching resource for educators specifically crafted to meet the New York State Frameworks curriculum is now available online. Geared towards exploring in depth the complex era of Cold War, this resource is targeted at grades 10 to 12 and can benefit any students from grades 7-12 studying US History.


  • This online unit includes comprehensive tasks that are auto-corrected through AI grading assistant by The technology efficiently scores even subjective tasks like short answers.
  • The product being completely virtual, allows access anywhere with an internet connection. Teachers are provided necessary access codes via a PDF which can be shared with students, allowing them anytime-access engagement with the content.

This powerful teaching tool stimulates critical thinking and promotes classroom discussions. Completing each task yields instant results that teachers can capture for further analysis; it also has features like importing tasks into their course playlist and analyzing student performance on assignments and tests.

Topics Included:
  1. The intricacies of US history during the Cold War period
  2. 'Struggle For Equality' detailed chapter-wise modules including topics as immigration in modern era

Packed with quizzes, post-tests and other analytical tools designed to enhance knowledge retention; this online material offers exhaustive covering of 20th century events that still have relevance today. The virtual nature of this educational tool makes it ideal for use in a modern educational setting while maintaining high academic standards.

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