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"Rise of American Power", Online Unit Access, US History

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History: USA


Grade 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

The Rise of American Power Online Unit Access

A valuable teaching resource for educators interested in US History. A comprehensive suite offering access to a full online unit of an American history course exploring US's ascent as a global superpower. Utilize access passcodes supplied in the package to unlock engaging and interactive content available on

Educators can utilize this tool in various settings:

  • Whole classroom discussions
  • Small group activities
  • Individual homework assignments

The site's AI grading assistant provides immediate feedback, allowing constant progress monitoring. This virtual unit complies with New York’s State Frameworks for 11th-grade learners and is adaptable across junior high and high school levels (7-12 grades).

Inclusive Teaching Tool

This online resource doubles up as both curriculum supplement or standalone homework task, providing multiple assessment opportunities. Students can snap a screenshot or print off their results for teacher review, providing instant feedback directly upon completion.

Focus Areas

The Rise of American Power Online Unit Access focuses specifically on U.S History during Imperialism and World War I periods:

  • Inclusive video tutorials ('Etudes')
  • Vocabulary tests,
  • All-inclusive pre-tests & quizzes.


This package does not include printable materials or PowerPoint slide shows given its digital nature but supports self-paced learning through engaging multimedia content that stimulates curiosity while relentlessly testing understanding.

Bonus for Subscribers:
You can import these detailed resources into existing course playlists – facilitating straightforward consolidation while enhancing control over pupils’ submissions & progress-tracking.

The Rise of American Power Online Unit Access is an excellent example of integrating modern technology into classrooms to improve student-teacher interactivity, expedite feedback provision, and ultimately consolidate learning outcomes in an approachable and enticing manner!

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American history online unit US imperialism World War I interactive learning

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