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Color By Code: Things I Can Control Activity Pack

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About This Product

Color By Code: Things I Can Control Activity Pack

Discover an engaging and interactive way to teach students about what they can control in their life with the unique Color By Code: Things I Can Control Activity Pack.

This original and practical activity pack introduces students to different aspects of control through a series of color by coping skill activities, where they get to review these facets while coloring inspiring clothing-themed illustrations.

Ideal for Challenging Moments

Ideal for utilization during challenging moments, this pack provides an effective method for helping students understand the scope of their decisions. This approach is particularly suitable when dealing with pupils who often feel overwhelmed or believe everything is a major issue.

The adventures in these activities promote opportunities for open discussions regarding personal control over various situations; thus creating a learning environment that builds emotional intelligence.

Included in the Set

  • Nine distinct sets of clothing images along with corresponding answer keys, adding an educative element to play-time activities.
  • A distinguished feature is the inclusion of 35 statements related to inhibitory self-control which will progressively boost student's cognitive abilities as they comprehend and interpret each statement.

Potential Applications

Educators can effortlessly adapt these worksheets across diverse teaching modes such as:

  1. Individual reviews on coping skills
  2. Anxiety or anger management small group sessions
  3. Huge classroom engagement around personal control themes.

The worksheets are also handy during morning meetings focused on social-emotional learning activities or busy binder work sessions.

Ease-of-use Integration into SEL

You can incorporate this resource seamlessly into your day-to-day lessons on Social Emotional Learning (SEL), enhancing not only cognitive function but also critical life skills through hands-on tasks and problem-solving occurrences in Grades 1-3 classrooms.

Final Word

The Color By Code: Things I Can Control Activity Pack, designed as a PDF file type for ease-of-use across digital devices, supports educators by providing innovative tools aimed at enhancing visual learning along with implicit teachings about personal life management.

Resource Tags

Color By Code Coping Skills Emotional Intelligence Self-Control Social-Emotional Learning

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