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Self-Control Quiz Show-No Prep!


Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10





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About This Product

In this fun PowerPoint quiz show, students will learn about ways to practice self-control and self-management. Self-management is an essential part of the CASEL SEL framework. There are 5 categories in this quiz show; social media, friends, family, school, and mix-it-up (these are fun tasks that do require students to practice self-control). For each question, there is an answer slide. Students will also get a handout (this is in the PPT) and there are directions in the PPT as well on the 2nd to the last slide. Each time a question gets answered, the link will change color so you know which questions have been already answered. This is a no-prep, easy lesson for the middle and high school grades as a way to prep, review, or weave in some fun in your SEL lesson.

What's Included

A 52 slide PowerPoint and a handout.

Resource Tags

social-emotional learninghealthself-regulationfriendship skillshandout

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