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Color by Sight Word Game, High Frequency FRY Words, 10th 100 - SET 8

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Grade 3, 4, 5





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Looking for a fun and engaging way to reinforce Sight Words in your students? What can be a better way than fun Color By Sight Words Activity? This resource includes engaging Coloring sheets for 10th 100 Fry Sight Words. The words are in order of frequency.

This NO PREP Easy to Use Worksheet Packet includes 20 pages in total with 100 sight words. Each page contains five different sight words written in different vibrant colors. There are different shapes like square, triangle, circles and stars on the sheet with sight words written inside of them. Students have to Color every shape with the color of Sight Word written in it. These worksheets are not only perfect for enhanced recognition of Sight Words but are also perfect for developing Fine motor skills while learning their sight words.

Teachers can use these worksheets in different ways. Teachers can create fun ways to use these worksheets more efficiently like, ask the kid to pick their favorite shape on the worksheet and the ask them to read the sight word aloud, along with spelling it out. This will not only help in enhanced recognition but also will help to build vocabulary and spelling mastery. Then after that ask the student to look for that sight word on the top of the sheet and tell the name of the color that sight word is written in. Then ask the student to color that shape with the color of the sight word. This will motivate students to recognize and remember their High Frequency Words in more effective way and also have fun while coloring the worksheet.

These worksheets are perfect for morning work, individual work, group work, working with partners, home work or class work. These Worksheets can also be used for Assessment. When children have already learnt their sight words, use these sheets to assess their knowledge with these engaging activity. These are also perfect to include in Sight Words Book, and teaching collection. These are perfect for End of the year and also Back To School Season.

These are also perfect for Home Schoolers. These are very easy to use. Just Download, Print, Enjoy and save your time with these high quality Sight Word resource.

Download your copy today to give your kids some fun activity with learning.

You Will Receive:

  • 1 PDF

  • 20 Pages

  • US Letter Size ( 8.5 x 11 )

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