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Coloring cards and envelopes for Mother’s Day

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Mother's Day





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About This Product

Coloring Cards and Envelopes for Mother's Day are designed as an engaging activity for students of all grade levels. This hands-on solution offers a personal way for kids to express their love and appreciation towards their mothers on special occasions, specifically Mother’s Day.

Set Specifications:

  • This set includes 7 uniquely designed cards, providing a variety of choices that cater to individual artistic preferences.
  • The size of each card is approximately 4.7 x 5.5 or 12 x 14 cm - an ideal size for little hands to work with comfortably.
  • The collection incorporates both lined and line-free options, allowing room for creativity while offering guidance if required.

Students have the opportunity to color these cards, cut them out, and optionally write on them too. This not only encourages written expression but also provides practice with skills like cutting and coloring - all in one activity!

Note: The package doesn’t stop at just cards; it also comes complete with three matching envelopes which follow the same protocol – cut, color, assemble!


  • Serves as a practical solution during holidays when educational activities related to celebrations need incorporation within classroom schedules or homework assignments.
  • Makes great small group activities where students can learn about giving while enhancing their hand-eye coordination skills.

A Little History:
The holiday dates back to the early 1900s as part of Anna Jarvis’ efforts following her mother's death hoping valuing mothers' daily sacrifices would be officially recognized. Her letter writing campaigns urging politicians towards this cause bore fruit when she finally succeeded in having President Woodrow Wilson sign into law the establishment of second Sunday in May as Mother's Day starting from 1914!

About the Material:

The material is crafted as a PDF-File type. Easy to access, it readily integrates into your teaching schedule irrespective of whether you're a public school teacher or homeschooler. While not grade-specific, tasks can be adapted according to different skill levels. This educational resource falls under the "Holidays" subject category with a specific focus on Mother's Day.

What's Included

7 cards - with and without lines (approx. 4,7" x 5,5" / 12 x 14 cm)

+ 3 matching envelopes

Resource Tags

Coloring cards Mother's Day Hands-on activity Fine motor skills Written expression

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