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Colour a Hedgehog

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About This Product

Here is a picture of a Hedgehog for children to colour. Hedgehogs are popular in autumn especially when we think of animals that hibernate, so here is a lovely way to add interest and fun to your sutum project!

Who is this colouring picture of a hedgehog for?

Anybody. Older children will extend the activity further than younger ones,

Uses for this colouring sheet

Use to help children learn about hedgehogs - to name their body parts and learn about their ways and their habits.

Use as part of a science lesson

Paint or colour.

Studying the natural world is the foundation for the later study of science.

The colouring of pictures of natural things, be it plants or animals is more than a pastime activity. It is a means of familiarising young children with these commonly known subjects.

The colouring of this hedgehog picture can be used as a pastime, or even as part of a creative lesson, but it can teach much more.

The Curriculum for Science expects children to be taught to use the local environment to study plants and animals, throughout the year. What better way than to use animals that children love and around which many stories are written - find a hedgehog story to read while the children colour, or let them write their own hedgehog story!

Colouring can help children to become familiar with the parts of the hedgehog - help children to label the snout, legs and spines.

Colouring a picture of a hedgehog emerging from a pile of leaves can stimulate a discussion on hibernation: why does the hedgehog hibernate and how?

It is best if children colour the hedgehog picture using our colour version or from reference books.

The coloured version can also be used as a A4 poster to pin up!

What is included in the pack?

1 sheet to be coloured

1 sheet giving an example of how the picture could be coloured.

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