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Compliment Starters, Social Skills Activities Differentiated For 1st-5th

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Life Skills


Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Perspective Taking is an important social skill for children to learn. Knowing and understanding others well enough to know what to say and what not to say, can be tricky for some children. The ability to understand what might be a compliment and what might be an insult, can really help children to make and keep friends. 

This activity will help you teach children these skills in a fun and interactive way. It works well in both small and large groups. 

It is a nice addition to a friendship unit or character development unit. It is fun to use on friendship day or Valentine's day. It's also great to use at the end of the school year and or before a transition to a new school is coming. It can also be a great activitiy to use with individual children who are struggling with saying kind words to others. 

This activity can be used with typical learners, children with special needs and or social challenges, and or inclusive classrooms.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 33 Pages

Activity 1: Introduce Compliments

Rules Of Giving A Compliment

Compliments Posters {2 posters}

Compliment Starters and Example Finishers {4 pages}

Activity 2: Compliment Behaviors

"Way To Go!" vs. "Oh No!" Compliment Behavior Chart with pictures

"Way To Go!" vs. "Oh No!" Compliment Behavior Chart without pictures{text only}

"Way To Go!" vs. "Oh No!" Compliment Behavior Charts with challenge column {one with picture and one with text only}

8 "Way To Go!" Compliment Behavior Cards

8 "Oh No!" Compliment Behavior Cards

8 "Way To Go!" Compliment Statement Cards

8 "Oh No!" Compliment Statement Cards

Activity 3: Compliment Starter Strips

24 Compliment Starters: Finish The Compliment

Activity 4: Give A Compliment

18 Picture Cards: Practice Giving A Compliment

Activity 5: Compliments Board Game

A Fun Board Game To Practice What Has Been Learned

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Compliments Social Pragmatics Social Skills Friendship Perspective Taking

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