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Consonant Blends Matching Pairs

Consonant Blends Matching Pairs
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About This Product


Consonant Blends Matching Pairs: An Effective Teaching Resource

The Consonant Blends Matching Pairs teaching resource provides a unique and engaging way to improve language art skills. Specially designed for early learning, preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students - the primary focus is on phonics development through an interactive pairing activity using initial and final consonant blend words.

Ideal for Young Learners

This tool is perfect for children aged three years and older. Clear instructions are provided allowing easy implementation.

Inspired by Phonetics

Reading skills can be cultivated efficiently within six months to one year through phonics-based resources like this one - thanks to their structured design promoting regular practice while keeping the learning process enjoyable.

An Excellent Introduction for New Readers
  • Focusing on recognizing initial sounds like 'b', 'd' along with vowel sounds such as 'a'
  • Promotes word building and sentence formation
  • Inclusion of games such as snap and bingo to keep education fun
Grown-Up Guidance Included

Made suitable for both group settings or one-on-one scenarios, these packs come complete with clear adult guidance needed – facilitating a rich learning experience.

List of 32 Words Included in PDF Format

The Fundamental Idea Behind This Tool
  1. Solid foundations established through mastering specific sounds
      1. Moving onto complex aspects only when they are ready – blending phonic sounds into three or four-lettered words etc.
      Creativity Encouraged

      Students can add their personal touches to drawings, invoking their creative faculties and boosting interactivity.

      Classroom, Homework, or Study Group Material

      This resource is not just limited to the classroom but can be integrated into homework or small study group activities seamlessly.


What's Included

- instructions

- print and cut out list of 32 words x 2

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