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Counselor Cash: Positive Behavior Rewards For School Counselors

An educational teaching resource from Counseling Chaos entitled Counselor Cash: Positive Behavior Rewards For School Counselors downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Highlight: Counselor Cash - A Positive Behavior Reward System For School Counselors

Counselor Cash is a remarkable teaching resource, specifically designed for school counselors. It's main aim is to encourage positive behavior among students and provide attractive incentives to those demonstrating progress in achieving their goals or adhering to set rules.

About Counselor Cash

Inspired by the popular Behavior Bucks system, the concept of Counselor Cash is to reward tokens upon display of good behavior. Accumulated tokens can later be exchanged for rewards - an effective strategy to reinforce the positive behavior continuously.

Note: This teaching tool puts educators in complete control of designing values attached to each reward, managing student expectations effectively!

Packed with Resources and Options!

  • 10 Different templates for Counselor Cash (both front and back designs)
  • An exhaustive menu comprising 33 assorted rewards
  • Coupons, featuring 60+ distinct types of bonuses,

This allows ample outlets for engaging students and catering individual preferences.

Flexibility Unleashed!

You can use this toolkit as per your needs! Use it as incremental motivators during individual lessons, encourage team spirit during group activities or even incorporate it in behavioral management frameworks across whole classes or schools! The possibilities are limitless.

The new face of education- Informative yet fun & rewarding!

Add "Counselor Cash" into your educational framework & change obligatory sessions into something inspirational & transformational! This innovative approach will make education not only informative but also highly rewarding & enjoyable!

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