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Counting 1-10 Google Slides, Distance Learning, Special Ed, Cardinality

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Early Math


Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1



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About This Product

Product Title: Counting 1-10 Google Slides, Distance Learning, Special Ed, Cardinality

Presenting the Counting 1-10 Google Slides designed for a range of educators involved in distance learning and special education. Adequately equipped to engage Pre-K up to First Grade students, these slides emphasize on cardinality and number recognition.

The set encompasses ten individual Google Slides with each one narrating the tale of a distinct number. How many snowflakes are there today? The slides generously feature snowflakes to engage young learners more actively through visual stimuli as they embark on their early math journey. The sight of delicately illustrated snowflakes encourages them to count from 1 through 10 while also supporting their numeric cognition skills.

This resource effortlessly adapts into various teaching strategies like:

  • Whole group lessons: where everyone can participate collectively
  • Small group activities: fostering interaction among pupils
  • Potential tool for homeschooling parents or public school teachers

Built primarily with younger learners such as those in preschool or kindergarten in mind , it is equally suitable for older students embarking on more complex mathematical topics. It holds invaluable importance particularly when included within inclusive educational plans that cater towards Special Education students thus ensuring no child is left behind.

The Features
  1. An easy implementation given its google slide format which promotes smooth delivery irrespective of varied physical locations due to its compatibility with most devices;
  2. A promise towards successful distance learning initiatives;
  3. A blend of symbolic patterned imagery like snowflakes fused with digital innovation represented by Google Slide formatting;
  4. A resource that makes counting less daunting and more relatable for young people trying new numerical experiences.

Encourage your student’s discovery of numbers today using an innovative blend featured within Counting 1-10 Google Slides that transforms primary numeracy insights into creation of new math enthusiasts.

What's Included

Google Slides for the activities.

Resource Tags

distance learning special education cardinality number recognition interactive learning

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