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Counting Boxes: Ocean 10 Frame Center

Counting Boxes: Ocean 10 Frame Center
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About This Product

Counting Boxes: Ocean 10 Frame Center for early learning

Counting Boxes: Ocean 10 Frame Center is a dedicated educational tool tailored for early learning, preschool and kindergarten educators. Suitable for use by both public school teachers and homeschoolers, this activity enhances counting skills in students tremendously.

The importance of early math lies in pattern recognition and accurate depiction of numbers up to 20. The Counting Boxes: Ocean 10 Frame Center can serve as an effective teaching aid in nurturing these abilities.

About the Package

  • A printable PDF consisting of 26 pages.
  • Includes number cards from 0-20 with a unique design.
  • Cover options given for the container used to hold these cards.
  • Variety available in both color and black-and-white versions.

To Use The Resource:

Your pupil simply pulls out a ten frame card from the box, then marks that exact number on their game board using counters or mini erasers. This interactive method of play can be done individually or pair-based making it apt even for group activities or homework assignments.

Variability & Engagement:

This resource comes equipped with adorable shark-themed characters – ideal incorporation into oceanic themes as well as summer modules offering variations all year round

Ease Of Setup:

  1. You just need to print out required number cards alongside their respective game boards before careful cutting them out.
  2. Laminating these materials can extend their durability.
  3. All necessary student material includes are counters (mini erasers will do too).


Imagine utilising this engaging resource during teaching – transforming mundane counting exercises into enjoyable interactions that can assist students in better number identification while concurrently reinforcing basic math principles!

What's Included

1 PDF with 26 usable pages

Resource Tags

math games counting skills early learning ocean theme number recognition

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