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Counting Winter Icicles Clip Cards (0-10) - EBOOK

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About This Product

Counting Winter Icicles Clip Cards (0-10) Ebook: A Unique Teaching Resource

The Counting Winter Icicles Clip Cards (0-10) Ebook is an engaging teaching resource aimed at improving students' numeracy skills and fine motor development. Specifically designed for early learning stages, this resource brings together numerical education and physical development in a fun way.

The Concept:

  1. A child counts the number of icicles on the house depicted on the left side of a card.
  2. Marks their answer by placing a clip on the corresponding number on the right side.

This unique exercise involves clipping, a simple task that enhances fine motor skills. The cards fit into small plastic photo boxes - your math center gets a dash of winter sparkle!

Ebook Details:

  • The ebook is designed as an 8-page downloadable electronic PDF file with 11 different cards featuring numbers from zero up to ten.
  • An informative title card comes along for quick labeling.

This flexible resource can be implemented in various settings such as whole group lessons, small group activities or even as engaging homework assignments!

Difference from Conventional Tools:

In contrast to conventional counting worksheets, Counting Winter Icicles Clip Cards provides engaging visuals and interactive elements making it stand out. Searching keywords like "math center", "preschool counting aid", or "fine motor skills activity", will lead you back to this invaluable tool serving multiple pedagogical benefits simultaneously!

New Sets Are Coming Soon!

Apart from already existing sets like Counting Apples Clip Cards (0-10), teachers can expect more sets, ensuring repeated usefulness throughout the academic year.

What's Included

8 pages in PDF format

Resource Tags

winter theme counting skills clip cards fine motor development numeracy

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