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Country Study on Lithuania Presentation - Europe - Geography

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12



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Country Study on Lithuania Presentation - Europe - Geography

This Teaching Resource is an Introductory PDF Presentation (14 Slides) on Lithuania. This Digital Resource can be great for Geography, European History and Social Studies Classes. Suitable Learners for this kind of lesson are students from 7th Grade to 12th Grade.

This Geography + Social Studies Presentation on Lithuania (European Country Study) aims to introduce learners to Lithuania (its most important and basic facts, languages, history, environment, economy and basic Lithuanian vocabulary). No or little preparation is needed.

Within this Introductory Presentation on Lithuania (PDF Europe Country Study Teaching Resource) it is offered:

  • a first slide with greetings in Lithuanian Language (Labas) with QR Codes and link to YouTube Video to learn how to pronounce it properly in Lithuanian language

  • 2 slides on Lithuania + its basic geography (Google Maps Link directed to Lithuania's geographical location included)

  • a "quick data on Lithuania" slide (currency, population, kind of government etc)

  • 2 slides on the Language spoken in Lithuania (one as an introduction to Lithuania + other minority languages such as Polish, Ukrainian and Russian and a second one with basic Lithuanian Language Vocabulary)

  • 1 slides with Lithuania's History timeline (from King Mindaugas to the Baltic Way)

  • 1 Slide on Geographical facts (size, kind of territory and weather)

  • 1 on Lithuania's Economy

  • 1 on Vilnius

  • 1 on other cities in Lithuania (little map of Lithuania with cities such as Klaipeda and Kaunas)

  • 1 slides on Lithuanian Culture

  • 1 last slide with Goodbye written in Lithuanian (Viso Gero)

This Social Studies + Geography Country Study on Lithuania PDF Digital Teaching Resource (14 slides) can be great for learners from 7th grade to 12th grade to introduce Lithuania and its Culture.

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