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Critical Thinking: Decision Tree - FLASH-MAC

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Critical Thinking: Decision Tree - FLASH-MAC

FLASH-MAC is a valuable tool designed to foster independent thinking in students. Specifically designed for educators, this resource aims at honing the decision-making abilities of students from grades 5 to 8. It utilizes an interactive approach which involves a story where students navigate their way through by choosing from two options at each juncture.

This user-friendly and intuitive Mac software, contained within a handy zip file, brings critical thinking exercises directly onto your classroom computer or home learning setup. With an emphasis on the Language Arts domain, it's particularly tailored for developing strategic abilities within young learners.

Uses Of The Critical Thinking: Decision Tree

  • Educators can use it during whole-group lessons as an engaging practice tool
  • Small groups can use it for concentrated practice sessions
  • Individual learners can use it as homework assignments or additional skill-enhancing exercises outside classroom hours

An integral component of this teaching resource is its graphic organizer mini component. This creates immersive narratives compelling students to carefully weigh options and decide their next course of action—effectively strengthening their critical thinking abilities beyond textbooks.

Savvy educators know that fostering decision-making skills early plays a crucial role in molding well-rounded and critically-minded adults. In usage contexts such as gallery walks or jigsaw activities, teachers using this tool are adept at monitoring student progress while ensuring an abundance of active learning opportunities in dynamic classrooms.

In conclusion, the Critical Thinking: Decision Tree - FLASH-MAC stands out as an effective solution promoting deeper understanding of real-world decision-making scenarios among students while enabling more interactive teaching strategies – bearing significant benefits for both teachers and pupils.

What's Included

1 zip file with MAC software

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graphic organizers critical thinking reading passage making decisions

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