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Would You Rather? Game | School Day Edition

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3



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About This Product

Would You Rather? Game | School Day Edition: An Engaging Teaching Resource

Crafted for kindergarteners through to third graders, this interactive game is an innovative means to enrich classroom engagement and discussions around holidays and back-to-school themes.

The game takes education beyond traditional methods, presenting students with two contrasting options on each slide. These choices range from serious academic subjects to lighter, fun alternatives, seamlessly interweaving education and entertainment.

Flexible & Adaptable Teaching Tool

Incorporating 18 interactive slides via Microsoft PowerPoint, it offers diverse learning opportunities. Here's how the game can be adapted:

  • Promote group discussions and debates among pupils using different scenarios.
  • Foster intimate conversation dynamics in smaller groups.
  • You may even assign selections as homework assignments - an unique way of bridging home-life with school activities!

Fostering Critical Thinking & Decision-Making Skills Among Young Learners

This resource paves way for educators to stimulate enriched classroom environment, encouraging critical reasoning among young learners - nurturing lifelong skills that extend beyond scholastic abilities.

"The Would You Rather? Game | School Day Edition" isn't just another teaching tool; it's a creative journey into decision-making that makes phased academics vibrant & enjoyable - a true asset in any modern educator's toolkit!

What's Included

1 PowerPoint with 18 interactive slides

Resource Tags

interactive engagement critical thinking classroom activity decision-making

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