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Critical Thinking: Keys to Independent Thinking - FLASH-PC

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

Critical Thinking: Keys to Independent Thinking - FLASH-PC

A remarkable tool specifically constructed for educators instructing grades 5 through 8 in Language Arts.

Unleashing Independent Thought:

With its unique focus on promoting independent thinking, it strengthens critical thinking abilities.

Presentation and Engagement:
  • Provides comprehensive curriculum-based content that appeals to different learning styles.
  • The use of reading passages caters specifically to visual learners.
    • 'Before you Read' questions foster engagement and comprehension before delving into materials.
    • 'After you Read' questions provoke deeper thought and ensure understanding of the text presented.
Vocabulary Building:

An interactive component involves flashcards revolving around key phrases or terms crucial for conceptual understanding within each lesson's scope.

Fostering Visualization:

The inclusion of graphic organizers allows students distinct ways of laying out thoughts or facts related to their lessons.

Promotes Interactive Learning

Inclusive interactive activities promote both individual and collaborative learning while enhancing topic absorption. This software's versatility shines whether utilized during whole group instructional sessions, small group work instances, or even as homework assignments enhancers.

Note: PC Compatibility

Designed for PC users only; a perfect choice for public school educators or homeschoolers looking to cultivate more independent-minded students. This tool contains one file packed with pertinent course material catering towards various aspects required in Language Arts Strategies lesson planning.

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