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CURRICULUM-BASED READERS THEATRE: A Guide to the Classroom Use of this Strategy

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Title: Curriculum-Based Readers Theatre: A Guide to the Classroom Use of this Strategy

Curriculum-Based Readers Theatre (CBRT) blends traditional aspects of readers' theatre, such as reading aloud from a script sans costumes, props or blocking, with curriculum-based content. Rather than utilizing stories or literature-based scripts, CBRT employs school subjects such as science, math, social studies and English language arts. As students read and rehearse a CBRT script for performance repeatedly, they are more likely to assimilate the information exposed.

This guide elucidates on the many facets involved in implementing CRBT in classrooms. Teachers may find valuable insight on:

  • How best to handle stage direction indications like [gesture] and [sound effect]
  • To understand abbreviations such as [X>]
  • Potential alterations that can be made for scripts underlining its pliancy and adaptability based on individual classroom conditions
The process behind conducting rehearsals:

The guide simplifies the task into a manageable activity making it achievable even without prior experience by educators. The impact of repeated readings towards improving reading fluency is discussed aimed at illuminating its correlation.

A emphasis is placed on student participation in performing CBRT scripts:

The significance is detailed coherently enabling teachers to identify its easily.

This learning method offers group study opportunities:

In addition to answering questions about implementation effectively within classrooms settings whether group study or individually assignable homework material , there's acknowledgement towards curiosity over viewing real life scenarios where CRBT was used along with details on acclaimed author Rosalind Flynn's contribution.

An appreciable bonus includes an example of how theoretical knowledge translates into application:

Through the introduction of a sample script revolving around 'Fractions & Decimals'. This allows educators unfamiliar with the concept an opportunity experiencing firsthand functionality ensuring successful application further reinforcing confidence pertaining theory utility within classroom environments notwithstanding grade variations prevalent.

In conclusion:

This guide serves as an effortless solution for educators aspiring not mere tutoring but interstudent interactive learning experiences, encouraging individual reading skills enhancement parallely to subject familiarity. It opens doors to edification through entertainment effectively bridging fun and academics effortlessly.

What's Included

A five-page guide to the classroom use of Curriculum-Based Readers Theatre (CBRT)


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