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Shays' Rebellion Readers Theatre Script

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History: USA


Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10



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About This Product

This product contains two versions of the same brief (2 pages long) script on Shays’ Rebellion.  It is written for 26 solo speakers and many parts for ALL so that teachers can use it with a whole class. (Note: You may add or subtract solo speakers to customize the script for the size of your group.)


This script provides a concise overview of information about the protest of farmers and war veterans in the 1780s. You and your students should feel free to make any changes to the script to make it fit your curriculum vocabulary better.


The text of the script appears in two formats:

1.   The 2-column 2-page complete script—meant for photocopying and distributing to students to hold and read from.

2.   A 1-column version of the same complete script—for ease in reading when projected onto a screen or used in distance learning. (3 pages long) [Note: In distance learning situations, you may want to assign the “ALL” lines to one speaker because unison speaking may not work well in the virtual environment.


Reading and rehearsing the script familiarizes students with some basic facts while also increasing reading fluency and engaging students in a dramatic approach to learning facts. The use of gestures (that the students themselves create) during the script reading reinforces the retention of information in a kinesthetic way that researchers call “embodied cognition” - When people see and use gestures, they activate more memory systems.


Students enjoy creating and performing gestures and sound effects where indicated in the stage directions. And—because it is a script—they do not mind reading and re-reading the information. A fluent and expressive read-through/performance takes about 8 minutes. Please note that these readers theatre scripts work well as audio dramas/podcasts.


For more details and tips about using these scripts with students, you may want to download the FREE copy of my "CURRICULUM-BASED READERS THEATRE: A Guide to the Classroom Use of this Strategy.”

What's Included

A PDF containing two versions of the same Curriculum-Based Readers Theatre Script on the Social Studies topic Shays' Rebellion

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