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CVC Reading Book 4

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CVC Reading Book 4 CVC Reading Book 4 is the fourth in a 16-book series designed to help beginning readers sound out simple consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words. Using a systematic, phonetic approach, the CVC Reading Books introduce common CVC word families in a strategic sequence to develop decoding, reading fluency, and confidence. Book 4 focuses on CVC words with short vowel sounds like "cat," "log," and "top." The story features farmer Tom, his family, and his animals. Minimal pictures allow young readers to gain meaning from the text instead of guessing. Only 5 key sight words are gradually introduced. These decodable readers work well with any phonics program. Special needs, ESL/EFL learners, and struggling readers often benefit from the methodical phonics instruction. The books have been tested with K-1 students, especially boys who tend to prefer the farm theme. Teachers use them whole group, small group, or as homework to supplement phonics lessons.

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