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CVC Short 'u' Phonics Support

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About This Product

CVC Short 'u' Phonics Support

The CVC Short 'u' Phonics Support is a comprehensive resource created for enriching phonics lessons for kindergarten students. Designed to accommodate different learning paces, it can be used effectively in a classroom setting, or for individual/small group sessions.

Material Overview

  • Interactive Flashcards and Puzzle Activity: A variety of exercises and games are included to help kids master short 'u' CVC words. This includes interactive flash cards and a special puzzle activity that encourages critical thinking skills.
  • CVC 3-In-A-Row and Spin-A-Word Games: The material also has engaging activities like the CVC 3-In-A-Row game and the unique Spin-A-Word game. These games facilitate understanding while ensuring the learning process is enjoyable.
  • Diverse Worksheet Activities: For comprehensive learning, four distinct worksheet activities are available. These involve sentence building from prompts, proofreading tasks related to grammar errors and capitalization misuse, plus sorting tasks where children sort CVC words according to word families.

Apart from conventional tools, focusing on twenty individual short 'u' words through syllable segmentation, sentence building plus trick-word spelling practices has also been provided - aiming towards achieving textual fluency among kindergartners.

All these resources come in an adaptable PDF format, making them suitable not only for classroom settings but also as homework assignments or extra curricular activity time resources.

In conclusion,

The versatile approach beyond traditional classroom boundaries along with specific content delivery features makes the CVC Short 'u' Phonics Support an invaluable asset for every kindergarten language arts curriculum toolkit.

What's Included

Included Please Find 98 Pages:

CVC short 'u' words

> Activities & Games

Activity 1: CVC Flash Cards

Students quiz each other using flash cards. Use the printed word side and/or use the picture side. Laminate them so that the words are on one side and the corresponding picture is on the other. 20 Written cards, 20 picture cards.

Activity 2: CVC Puzzle

Mix up the puzzle pieces and have students put the puzzle together matching the word puzzle piece to the corresponding picture puzzle piece. Encourage children to say the word and spell the word as they do each one. 20 two piece puzzles.

Activity 3: CVC 3 In-A-Row(Set 1 and Set 2)

Students try to get 3 in-a-row by matching CVC words to pictures on their game boards. 4 different boards, 2 sets (8 total boards covering 20 CVC words).

Activity 4: Spin A Word:

Students Spin a word family on the spinner and must complete the word to move on the game board.

> Worksheets

Worksheet Activity 1: See It, Sound It, Read It, Write It

Students will be prompted to look at the picture, say the word, read the word and finally to write the word. 20 CVC worksheets.

Worksheet Activity 2: Build A Sentence

Students will be prompted to write a short sentence using one of each of the CVC words. The students are given a sentence starter and a word box to assist them. The students must unscramble the words inside the word box to write the sentence. 20 worksheets.

Worksheet Activity 3: Proofread A Sentence

Students are asked to proofread a sentence and find and fix errors of capitalization, punctuation (period), spelling of three-sound short vowel words (cvc).

10 Worksheets.

Worksheet Activity 4: Word Family Fun

Students must cut and paste given CVC words into their appropriate spaces in their home. 1 Worksheet.

> BONUS: "Trick" Words: Practice trick words by writing them and/or cut out the cards and use as flash cards. 2 Worksheets.

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