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CVC Short 'a' Phonics Support

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About This Product

CVC Short 'a' Phonics Support Overview

CVC Short 'a' Phonics Support is intended to enhance the phonetics and vocabulary skills of kindergarten pupils, especially those having challenges. This all-inclusive package utilizes a variety of activities aimed at highlighting and reinforcing short 'a' CVC words.

The kit offers an all-encompassing experience that appeals to diverse learning styles. It can be utilized in varied settings such as whole class instruction, small group discussions, or for homework. The design recognizes that children absorb information effectively through enjoyable, practical tasks.

Highlighted Activities

  • The dissection of words into syllables and the reading or spelling 20 particular CVC short 'a' words in cognitively challenging workouts.
  • In sentence-building tasks students engage their phonemic awareness contributing towards improving their writing abilities.
  • Four unique games such as CVC Flash Cards, a ‘CVC Puzzle’ game, “CVC 3 In-A-Row,” match-up activity (two sets provided) and “Spin A Word” word-building game are integrated within the resource.

About The Worksheets

The students are guided through worksheets on how to verbally articulate common CVC-based terms with step-by-step pictorial guidance—an excellent toolset for visual learners! Further exercises offer an avenue to reassemble scrambled sentences orderly applying creativity along the way.

Included also is a proofreading exercise where spotting capitalization and punctuation errors plus spelling mistakes found specifically in three-sound short vowel words (CVC) provides essential practice. These tasks provide critical thinking stimulation while promoting literacy efficiency.

Bonus Material: Trick Words Mastery!

This pack includes extra resources targeted at mastering those tricky "Trick Words". These added content can be applied as flashcards or practice writing sheets..

The Format

Focusing squarely on language arts (specifically phonics) this teaching aid is made available in PDF format. It is a particularly useful tool for educators seeking resources that not only promote academic development but also inspire delight among students.

What's Included

Included Please Find 98 Pages:

CVC short 'a' words

> Activities & Games

Activity 1: CVC Flash Cards

Students quiz each other using flash cards. Use the printed word side and/or use the picture side. Laminate them so that the words are on one side and the corresponding picture is on the other. 20 Written cards, 20 picture cards.

Activity 2: CVC Puzzle

Mix up the puzzle pieces and have students put the puzzle together matching the word puzzle piece to the corresponding picture puzzle piece. Encourage children to say the word and spell the word as they do each one. 20 two piece puzzles.

Activity 3: CVC 3 In-A-Row(Set 1 and Set 2)

Students try to get 3 in-a-row by matching CVC words to pictures on their game boards. 4 different boards, 2 sets (8 total boards covering 20 CVC words).

Activity 4: Spin A Word:

Students Spin a word family on the spinner and must complete the word to move on the game board.

> Worksheets

Worksheet Activity 1: See It, Sound It, Read It, Write It

Students will be prompted to look at the picture, say the word, read the word and finally to write the word. 20 CVC worksheets.

Worksheet Activity 2: Build A Sentence

Students will be prompted to write a short sentence using one of each of the CVC words. The students are given a sentence starter and a word box to assist them. The students must unscramble the words inside the word box to write the sentence. 20 worksheets.

Worksheet Activity 3: Proofread A Sentence

Students are asked to proofread a sentence and find and fix errors of capitalization, punctuation (period), spelling of three-sound short vowel words (cvc).

10 Worksheets.

Worksheet Activity 4: Word Family Fun

Students must cut and paste given CVC words into their appropriate spaces in their home. 1 Worksheet.

> BONUS: "Trick" Words: Practice trick words by writing them and/or cut out the cards and use as flash cards. 2 Worksheets.

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