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CVC Words - Short E - QR Code Task Cards & Response Sheets - EBOOK

An educational teaching resource from Knowledge Box Central entitled CVC Words - Short E - QR Code Task Cards & Response Sheets - EBOOK downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

CVC Words - Short E - QR Code Task Cards & Response Sheets - EBOOK

This comprehensive tool offers a unique method for teaching and reinforcing 3-letter CVC words that include the short 'E' sound. Designed to enhance Language Arts curriculum in grades Preschool through Grade 1, it provides a specific focus on phonics education.

Set Includes:
  • QR task cards for 20 words, e.g., red, bed, leg, pet and more
  • Visual graphics combined with technology-based learning that engage students in word construction using vowels and consonants

To optimize learning effectiveness, printed task cards are presented either during whole group sessions or small-group interactive lessons.

A typical lesson:

  1. The student looks at the picture on a card and pronounces the word aloud
  2. They scan the corresponding QR code to verify their answer.
    This process empowers self-verification while boosting confidence in their growing abilities.

Extra Exercises:

In addition to phonics practice: writing down answers on response sheets encourages handwriting practice.

Ebook Resource Format:

The teaching resource comes as an ebook format inclusive of downloadable PDF files which increases its usability by allowing teachers to print as many copies needed gently complying with homework assignments or even take-home activities apart from in-class use. With its incorporation of technology-based learning and engaging visuals,the CVC Words - Short E - QR Code Task Cards & Response Sheets not only ensure convenience but also ensures fun yet effective learning! It's worth noting that educators have additional sets available focusing on other vowels; increasing this robust suite of tools ready at one place. This well-intended educational resource unveils potentiality within a guided framework aimed to significantly boost language skills amongst young learners.

What's Included

12 pages in PDF format

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CVC words Short E QR code task cards Phonics education Language arts

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