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Daily Schedule Cards | Neon Chalkboard Design

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About This Product

Daily Schedule Cards | Neon Chalkboard Design is a set of 44 printable schedule cards for preschool to 2nd grade classrooms. With a neon and chalkboard aesthetic, these cards will captivate young students' attention when checking the daily schedule. The variety of schedule cards cover common classroom activities like morning work, project time, PE, field trips, handwriting practice, dismissal, morning meeting, learning labs, and choice time. Teachers can print, laminate, and display these cards on a classroom bulletin board next to a printed digital clock. Using these visual schedule cards promotes classroom organization, independence, responsibility, and transition between activities for both teachers and students. Arrange the cards in chronological order or group them by subject to reinforce the daily routine. This classroom decor item works for whole group instruction or as a small group center activity when learning to tell time.

What's Included

1 PDF with 18 ready to print pages

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