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Daily Social & Workplace Skills: Daily Routines & Time Management Gr. 6-12

Daily Social & Workplace Skills: Daily Routines & Time Management Gr. 6-12
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About This Product

Daily Social & Workplace Skills: Daily Routines & Time Management Gr. 6-12

This dynamic teaching resource caters to students from Grade 6 to 12, offering a comprehensive approach in imparting crucial social and workplace skills. The primary focus rests on daily routines and time management, fundamentally essential skills influencing personal development and paving the path for success.

The Value of Time Management

This resource initiates learners by highlighting the importance of effective time management. Students gradually build responsible habits as they learn productive ways of planning their daily routines.

Strategizing Appointments and Form-Filling Processes

Learners progress onto strategizing appointments and navigating form-filling processes effectively, thereby smoothing their transition into real-life application.

Interpersonal Communication Abilities

This material also emphasizes polishing students' interpersonal communication abilities apparent in areas like texting, email writing, telephone etiquette etc.

  • Digitally Geared:To keep pace with evolving digital aspects of interaction,and maintain a positive virtual impression,it touches upon best behaviors online along with volunteering instructions while introducing concepts related to social media usage within a professional context.
  • Tactile Engagement:Astute methodology employed includes engaging real-world activities such as creating crosswords or word search puzzles for peers.This amalgamation of fun-filled learning propels comprehension- creating an ideal environment where learners can grasp these elemental life-skills under professional guidance without feeling overwhelmed.
Versatility And Customization
Designed meticulously keeping diversity at its core,this resource is not only befitting for regular classrooms but can be seamlessly adjusted according to differing student proficiencies perhaps even supplementary after-school programs or homeschool curricula.
Standard Alignment And Cognitive Development

The step-by-step approach ensures alignment with State Standards while also adhering meticulously to Bloom's Taxonomy
thereby ensuring maximum retention through practicing diverse cognitive levels.

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