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Daily Social & Workplace Skills: Social Media Behaviors & Cyber Bullying Gr. 6-12

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About This Product

Daily Social & Workplace Skills: Social Media Behaviors & Cyber Bullying Gr. 6-12

This teaching resource focuses on the development of crucial social skills required for everyday life and career success. Designed for Grade 6-12 students, it is a versatile tool compatible with various educational environments, including public schools or homeschool curricula.

Main Topics:
  • Time management
  • Daily routines
  • Making appointments
  • Filling out forms
  • Telephone manners

In addition to this, theoretical information is complemented by hands-on activities like crossword puzzles or reading passages.

Digital Space Behavior and Cyberbullying

The material extends its coverage to include proper texting etiquette and responsible behavior on social media platforms. The module also addresses the increasingly important issue of cyberbullying, helping students grasp modern etiquette norms in both physical and digital environments.

Educational Settings and Methods of Implementation:

This content can be utilized by individual learners working from home or implemented efficiently in small group settings during classroom instruction. These resources can also be used as homework assignments extending learning beyond school.

The Product Details:
  • One product file provided in PDF format under the special resources category with subsubject focusing on social skills enhancement.
  • ' 'This instructional material does align with state standards while being designed considering Bloom's Taxonomy.`

    The aim? To provide educators access to teaching materials that simplify understanding essential life skills without making lessons overly complicated or confusing. The final note? This resource helps equip your students better prepare for real-world situations by enhancing their understanding of critical societal norms while being approachable at all learning levels. It's a successful blend of high-interest concepts with low vocabulary, making it a valuable teaching asset.

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