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Data Analysis & Probability: Spinner Game - PC Software

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About This Product

Data Analysis & Probability: Spinner Game - PC Software

This is an engaging and instructional resource for educators. Aimed at students in pre-kindergarten through grade 2, the software focuses on solidifying understanding of data analysis and probability concepts. Perfectly suited to learners who respond well to interactive education, it translates complex concepts into enjoyable games.

Interactive Spinner Game

The core of this educational tool is a spinner game featuring six questions directly related to data analysis and probability. The spinner's sections bring up different interactive questions, allowing students to learn math concepts more efficiently.

Alignment with STEM Initiatives

This teaching resource aligns well with STEM initiatives. Designed around the Five Strands of Math:

  • Number & Operations,
  • Algebraic Thinking,
  • Measurement & Data,
  • Geometry and
  • Models & Structures,
The main focus is on the patterns subcategory under Data Analysis.

Diverse Learning Approaches

This software can be used in individual or group study sessions. It can engage whole-class instruction or small groups for differentiated learning activities. It also serves as a homework assignment for independent thought processing.

Prompt Accessibility

The software is accessible; downloadable as a zip file optimized for PC compatibility.
Note:You will need basic extraction tools/file opener software already installed in your system to operate without any issues once extracted appropriately per instructions provided post-purchase via email link.
In summary:,
The tool’s gamified format permits real-time student assessment by teachers, enabling immediate feedback and necessary modifications where needed—reinforcing comprehension and forward progress in the curriculum mastering data analysis and probability while aligned with recognized educational growth measures.
The structure of this digital tool aligns with common core state standards, allowing flexibility for real-time math scenarios repetition which fosters speed and accuracy, ultimately boosting learner confidence. The Data Analysis & Probability: Spinner Game - PC Software offers an enriched, multifaceted learning journey that significantly enhances students' mathematical proficiency.

What's Included

1 zip file with PC software

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