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Data Review: Measures of Center & Variability SCAVENGER HUNTS

Data Review: Measures of Center & Variability SCAVENGER HUNTS
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About This Product

Data Review: Measures of Center & Variability SCAVENGER HUNTS is a potent teaching resource designed to reinforce the 6th grade math standards with a focused goal on preparing students for the 7th-grade data comparison curriculum. This resource aims at making mathematical concepts more tangible for students by providing realistic data sets and gamified learning options.
Main Features:
  • The curriculum aligns directly with the standard CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.6.SP.B.4 and supports CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.6.SP.B.5.C.
  • The format includes number lists, box plots, and dot plots to aid students in understanding numerical data display.
  • Two scavenger hunt activities make learning fun and interactive.
  • The material is designed for both manual interaction (cutting & pasting) as well as digital participation via Google Slides.
Data Review: Measures of Center & Variability SCAVENGER HUNTS includes additional resources like:
  • A printable student workspace that allows students ample space for problem-solving exercises which is essential in developing proper mathematic reasoning skills!
  • An answer key that ensures educators have access to correct solutions while evaluating assignments.
Simply put, this educational tool serves dual utility- it's not just an activity but also provides much-needed practice & revision programming needed during the transition from 6th to 7th-grade mathematical standards. In fact, it's versatility makes it adaptable across different learning setups including whole class instruction or specialized small group work or even an individual homework assignment! As a middle school educator, this reliable resource will significantly complement your toolkit.

What's Included

This resource contains:

1) Two Scavenger Hunt Activities:

Measures of Center (Calculating Mean, Median, & Mode from lists, box plots, and dot plots)

Measures of Variability (Calculating Range, IQR, and MAD from lists, box plots, and dot plots)

2) Two formats included:

Printable (Hands-on; made for students to cut and paste)

A version for Google Slides (Students will digitally cut & paste from slide to slide and show their work on a separate sheet of paper)

3) Also included:

Student work-space printables

Answer keys

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