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Deck of Cards Icebreakers!

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About This Product

Discover the Deck of Cards Icebreakers, a fun and engaging educational resource perfect for educators seeking to inspire their students! Featuring two versatile PDFs, this product allows for countless opportunities to create interactive activities using only a deck of cards. Witness your students develop connections and express themselves through these enjoyable games.

Included in the first file are intriguing questions based on the card number or face (Jack, Queen, or King) chosen by each student. The activity encourages thoughtful answers and opens up doors for meaningful conversations among classmates.

The second PDF features a collection of exciting dares or tasks tailored specifically for students to complete during the game. These challenges are designed with safety in mind while still promoting interaction among peers.

Bring life to advisories and jump-start "getting-to-know-you" exercises with these entertaining icebreakers! Just grab a deck of cards to provide an exhilarating learning experience that fosters strong relationships within your classroom environment. Don't let this valuable resource pass you by – enhance your teaching arsenal with Deck Of Cards Icebreakers today!

What's Included

2 PDFs with activities-only need a deck of cards!

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