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My Happy Place Worksheet

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Finding inner calm amid anxiety is a pivotal emotional skill. This creative worksheet guides children to illustrate places that make them feel happy and calm that can soothe a worried mind. The resource teaches visualization techniques for centering yourself when tensions escalate.

The printable page features a blank photo along with the prompt: “Draw your happy place here.” Children can then depict rich scenes like cozy reading nooks, spaces with beloved pets, favorite nature spots, or engaging in a peaceful hobby.

When emotions later feel out-of-control, students can reference these places that make them feel calm prompting feelings of safety and reassurance. Teachers may incorporate the worksheet alongside social-emotional learning lessons on relaxation strategies. Therapists might employ guided imagery exercises having clients explore illustrated landscapes for insight. Parents can practice together with children before anxiety-inducing events.

The versatile format makes examining anxiety feel constructive. Instead of suppressed strife, kids gain skills to shift distressed states of mind. Over time, visualizing these inner sanctuaries strengthens abilities to self-soothe when external situations resist change. Simple yet profoundly grounding, this worksheet leverages the imagination’s power to cultivate resilience. Children emerge better able to tap into inner resources offering solace inside even life’s biggest storms.

This resource includes 1 PDF worksheet

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