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My Week's Peaks and Troughs

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About This Product

Reflecting on one’s ups and downs is an integral part of building emotional intelligence. This worksheet provides a framework for children to highlight their weekly wins and challenges in a structured, visual way. With opportunities for self-expression, it facilitates personal growth through reflection.

The resource features two sections titled “My Peaks” and “My Troughs” each with plenty of space for writing or drawing about their experiences through the week. Children can capture their broad experiences, both highs like accomplishing a goal or enjoying time with friends and lows like struggling with schoolwork or having an argument.

The Peaks and Troughs worksheet helps children process situations constructively without judgment by focusing on learnings. Teachers can incorporate it into Friday wrap-ups to foster class community and resilience. Counsellors may utilize it to identify mood patterns and tools for self-care. Parents can try it at home to nurture meaningful conversations around growth.

The flexible format makes check-ins feel safe for children of all ages, children gain skills in self-awareness and reflection. Plus, the worksheet becomes a personal journal showing emotional progress. This simple yet versatile tool turns reflection into routine for mental wellbeing. Children emerge better equipped to ride out life’s crests and swells.

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